A Journey from Prison Administrator to Entrepreneur

The world of Corrections is one that lies in the shadows of society. It is a non-traditional work environment that simply does not fit into the template of the traditional business world as we know it. Because of that, many correctional professionals may feel like there is a limit to achieving a meaningful life once they have left the profession. But… the good news is that there are fewer environments that could better prepare you for the diverse and multicultural world we live in today.

The Cage Was Her Cocoon - Book Cover Image

The Cage Was Her Cocoon

allows readers to share the correctional lens of a former Prison Administrator. Constantine lost her fear of things impossible, rejected the narrative that she could not make a difference in the industry because she is a woman of a richer hue, and embraced her life’s purpose. The Cage Was Her Cocoon provides recommendations to achieve the mental transformation required for your next phase in life. You will encounter challenges along the way but at least you will be prepared to pivot. In all situations remember, YOUR VOICE IS BIG ENOUGH!

Meet the Author

Constantine J. Alleyne is the Founder and President of the Civilian Corrections Academy, an intensive educational program that offers the civilian workforce critical tools needed to navigate the institutional, physical, and psychological hazards inherent in the correctional environment. She is passionate about recognizing the tremendous value that civilians bring to the institution and the populations they serve.

Constantine’s correctional experience spans almost two decades to include serving as a Prison Administrator, Criminal Justice Professor at Monroe College, and as the podcast host of The Fly Behind the Wall. Her vision is to continue to serve as a resource to civilian employees while infusing her expertise back into the industry.

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